Website suspended

Dear Saanich South,

On April 11 2017, the Lieutenant Governor will issue a "writ of election" which will dissolve the Legislative Assembly of BC and begin a 28 day election period regulated by Elections BC.

During this period Members of this Committee will no longer be MLAs and this Committee will be inactive.

Therefore this website will be suspended for the duration of the election period.

The back-end (a free blog) may remain searchable on the internet and is a public record of work done and services catalogued in the past. 

I hope you will participate in the democratic process! Election day is May 9. You can vote early but not often. Elections BC is doing a great job to make it convenient to vote. For all the details on how to vote, please visit

It was a privilege to serve as the Saanich South MLA and Chair of this Committee. Thank you.


Lana Popham, Incumbent Saanich South.