Service Canada (Services for Seniors)
Applying for Old Age Security (OAS) and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), (Age 60-64); and Canada Pension Plan (CPP, early Age 60, or full pension Age 65)
595 Pandora Ave.
Ph: 1∙800∙277∙9914


SeniorsBC is a place for all older adults in the province to find resources for planning and living a healthy and active life as they age. Seniors' families and caregivers will find information here too.

Seniors Housing Information Program
Ph: (604) 520∙6621

Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER), BC Housing
Suite 301-3440 Douglas St
Ph: (250) 475∙7550

Beacon Community Services
Community based, non-profit organization dedicated to independent living.
Ph: (250) 658∙6407
Beacon Connects
A resource guide for independent living.

Cedar Hill New Horizons
3220 Cedar Hill Rd
Ph: (250) 652∙8072

Centre on Aging, University of Victoria
Health and wellness information resource
Ph: 1∙866∙902∙3767

Cordova Bay 55 Plus Association
5134 Cordova Bay Rd.
Ph: (250) 658-8566

Elder Friendly Community Network

Goward House Society
Adult activity and meeting centre
2495 Arbutus Rd.
Ph: (250) 477∙4401

Saanich Seniors Organizations
Lists seniors clubs, organizations and services

Saanich Silver Threads
Les Passmore Seniors Centre: Seniors activities, social events, recreation, meals, wellness, fitness services, and outreach
286 Hampton Rd.
Ph: (250)382∙3151
Fax: (250) 382∙3386

Saanich Volunteer Services Society
Visiting, driving, shopping, reading, form completion help for Saanich seniors and persons with disabilities
1445 Ocean View Rd., Victoria

Seniors Entitlement Service
Advocacy for seniors
Operating out of Blanshard Community Centre
901 Kings Road
Ph: (250) 388-7696 ext. 223

Seniors Serving Seniors
Information and referral service
109-1022 Pandora Ave
Ph: (250) 382∙4331

Victoria Innovative Seniors’ Treatment Approach (VISTA)
55+ helpline for alcohol, prescription drugs or elder abuse problems
2828 Nanaimo St.
Ph: (250) 953∙3966