Community Associations

Burnside Gorge Community Association
To lead, promote and support prevention and intervention based initiatives which encourage healthy, inclusive and socially just living.
Monthly newsletter: Burnside Gorge Community News
Ph: (250) 388∙5251

Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs
A society to work for the physical and social improvement in the Cordova Bay community.
Quarterly newsletter: The Cordovan Newsletter

Mount View/Colquitz Community Association
To further the interests and promote a high standard quality of life for residents, property owners and businesses in the Mount View/Colquitz area.
Ph: (250) 412∙5221 or (250) 381∙6814

North Quadra Land Use Protection Association
To protect and enhance the neighbourhood in which we live.
Quarterly newsletter: North Quadra News
Ph: (250) 386∙0832

Prospect Lake & District Community Association
Dedicated to building and preserving the community.
Quarterly newsletter: The Prospector
Ph: (250) 727∙9315

Royal Oak Community Association
Try to ensure land use zoning and developments are for the benefit of all residents of Royal Oak.
Ph: (250) 744∙1806

Strawberry Vale Residents’ Association
Ph: (250) 479∙5672